October 5, 2007

Update: Geraldine (Mulch) Pauls Chow

Just to give you a bit of an update, today my aunt Mulch made some homemade preserves. First she made some cucumber relish and the other was Chow Chow. I was there with my camera and snapped up some photos as she worked on the Chow. I am working on a few blog stories now, One is the chronology of the how my aunt made "Mary Johnson's chow" that is the title of her Chow recipe. I'd like to share some of my aunt's stories and I will include more photos. Another is the real thanksgiving story and of course some recipes too. Hopefully I will finish these by the end of the night, so be sure to check back and learn with me. I am also working on a blog that honors basket weavers, and this requires a bit more research at this point but it is a working progress. I also would like to know if there are any stories or recipes you may have or like to share, maybe you want to honor your role model, elder, someone that means a lot to you,or want to recollect old stories, perhaps we can celebrate a loved ones upcoming birthday or anniversary. I would like to hear your opinions and stories. I can be emailed at eva.nicholas@gmail.com . If you prefer to do a telephone interview, leave me your number and I would be more than happy to get back to you. This post is free, I do this as a hobby and I would like see you take this journey with me.

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