October 3, 2015


I love food stories, culture, cultural pride and stories about Rematriating Our Nation. Here's a great site about restoring, reliving, reviving, keep our cultural ways alive and well, some great harvesting and good stories too. You will be seeing more of me sharing more stories from this site for sure.

 Original story and photo from this facebook page.

Peyton Straker is an Ojibwe member of the Keeseekoose First Nation (Saskatchewan) and has lived in Somba K'e, Denendeh (NWT) since birth, where she works as the Indigenous Students Advocacy Worker for Yellowknife public schools. She is an artist who focuses on traditional pelt and hide work with animals that her and her partner harvest together. Her jewellery line SavageSalvage Jewellery, purposes: caribou antlers, muskox horns, bones and teeth from her personal hunts, turning them into contemporary wearable Indigenous art. Peyton is also the NWT regional representative for ReMatriate.


Photos by: Kyle Enzoe, traditional harvester and caribou monitor from Lutsel K'e Dene First Nation

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